Maryland Masters Track Club Mission

Maryland Masters Track Club was founded in 1995 by Thomas Jones of Glenarden, Maryland.  Its purpose is to provide individuals interested in participating in track and field, both male and female, guidance to train, compete, and prepare for U. S. A. Masters, Senior Olympics, and World Masters competitions.  MD Masters are committed to contributing in the development of our youth and our communities country wide.

 Why become a member of Maryland Masters track club? What do you get for your dues? 

The most obvious benefit of being a member of the club is improving and maintaining our own physical health. Some of us are in better shape now in our 40s and 50s than we were in our 20s and 30s. When I go in for my annual physical, my doctor always tells me I'm the healthiest patient he's seen all day. Some of us are participating and excelling in track and field for the first time in decades. Some of us are competing for the first time in their lives; after never having competed in high school or college. The personal satisfaction one gains from excelling at track and field after age 40 and beyond is contagious and inspirational for not only to those in the stands watching, but to our own family and friends. Indeed many of us have indirectly inspired our family, friends and loved ones to get up off the couch and finally get in shape themselves.


Another benefit of membership is the specially designed Maryland Masters uniforms we design and order for paid up members every 2 years. The team also covers entry fees for certain meets such as the Penn Relays. We cover refreshments for periodic team meetings (at least 4 times per year). As our membership grows and the team becomes more financially self sufficient, we hope to eventually be able to reduce the dues amount. Also, we are working with Certified Public Accountant, David Jones, on getting the IRS to approve 501(c)(3) tax-free status for the our track club. 501(c)(3) tax-free status will enable us to generate more financial resources through fund raisers, sponsorships, and other tax-deductible contributions. We continue to investigate various legitimate opportunities for raising funds to defray and reduce dues and other fees. We are always open to new fund-raising suggestions from our club members. So if you have any ideas please speak-up. But also be prepared to roll up your sleeves and help to make it happen.


As a member of Maryland Masters you get the attention, advice, and camaraderie of a club whose attention and activities are focused exclusively on the concerns of the masters athlete. We exchange ideas and advise on training, nutrition, competitions, avoiding and recovering from injuries - all from a masters athlete's perspective. Other teams have to cater to the interests of a wide range of age groups, from young children up to senior citizens. Older athletes on open or mixed teams are often intimidated and frustrated with having to waste time dealing with matters that don't concern masters track athletes. We have the patience and understanding to work with and encourage masters athletes who maybe resuming track and field after not participating for many years.


Many of us on the team are not only athletes in our own right but we also share our experience, skills, and knowledge with the community at large; often on a volunteer basis. We work with, train, and encourage senior citizens in the Mile Walkers exercise walking club. We coach youth, high school, and college track teams. We are volunteer officials and timers at high school, youth, and college track meets. Several of our team mates are even high school and college football referees and officials. We give a lot back to our local youth and community. And likewise the community counts on and looks to us for knowledge, mentorship, and inspiration.


So as you can see you get a lot from being a member of the Maryland Masters Track Club. The more you give to it, the more you get back in terms of the quality of your own life and that of the greater community. Join us. Contribute. Participate.


Joe Burno


Maryland Masters Track Club