From my observations you already have the speed so I would suggest that you concentrate on endurances and your sprinting technique. I am listing the training plan that really worked for me a few years back when I was able to run my best times.

You don’t have to follow this plan day for day, but try to get most of the work in and you will be ready for the outdoor championship. Remember if you work real hard one day, do an easy workout the next day.

 Each workout should start with a minimum of a ˝ mile to 1-mile jog followed by stretching, and plyometric drills.     


From the start line of the 400m track, run a fast 100m, and walk back 50m, and run another 100m and walk back 50m. You do this all the way around the track. This will give you 7-100 meters. To make this a good workout you should try to run each 100 in no more than 13 seconds, and the 50 meter walk back should be as fast as you can.. If you don’t feel tired after the fourth 100m you are running them to slow. Finish the day with some starting block practice, or run some stadium stairs.

TUESDAY (Hard Day)

Run a hard 350, 250, and 150 with a 15-minute recovery between the 3 sprints.

350 in 52 sec. but make your goal 46-47 sec.

250 in 34 sec. but make your goal 31-32 sec.

 150 in 19 sec. but make your goal 18 plus sec.


Work on your sprinting technique. Get someone to critique your sprinting form. How are your feet hitting the ground? Are you running relaxed? How is your sprinting form? Are you using your arms correctly?


250 x 3 at no more than 34.0 sec

150 x 3 at no more than 21.0 sec.

FRIDAY (Day of rest from the track)


Run two races  (100, 200 or 300) against someone for time to see where you are in your training.


Take a 2 to 2 ˝ mile jog. Your time should be no more than 25 minutes.


Run a 500 and a 400 at 80% pace. You need this to increase your 200m strength. (At some point in your training during each month run all out in a 500 and 400). I think for you a time of 1:25 in the 500, and under 1:03 in the 400 would be on about right.


Work on speed and form. Run some 60m sprints hard to practice your drive phase. Move   back to the 100. Run your 100’s at about 80% to practice controlling your form.


Run 300’s (3 repeats). Try to do them in no more than 45 sec.


Run 150’s (5 repeats). Try to do each at 19.5 with 5 minutes or less between each run.


Day of rest.


Run time trials for 100, 200 or 300. Try to run against some young kid that faster than you. You start out first, and let the kid (or some one) try to catch you. This will help you maintain your composure if some one pull up beside you in a race.


Take a jog of 1 ˝ miles or more.

The rest is just comments:

Change the workout to suit your training routine.

We all have good days and bad days. On a day when you just feel to tired to do the schedule workout just do something else. You can pull a tire up and down the field, run up some stadium steps.

WEIGHT TRAINING is needed to develop more explosive power in your starts, and arm power to run that last 30 meters in a race. Try going to the gym 3 times a week to work with the weights

Try to find someone you can workout with.

 Try to pace your self where you can “peak” at the National Outdoor Championships”.


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